St. Albertus 


 March 1 - Mass  at Noon with Fr. Ptak  Noon First Sunday of Lent

Choir sings Gorzka Zale 

Soup luncheon

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 April 12-  Mass at  Noon Easter Sunday-Resurrection Mass w/ Procession and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

 April 26- Mass Noon With F.r  Medina

 Feast of St.Albertus – Spring Dinner- Polish Plate  

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July 12-  Mass Noon with Fr. Medina

 Anniversary of the Parish mass- Picnic- Sausage and Salads  Choir

 August 16- Mass at  Noon with fr. Ptak   Blessing of Flowers and Herbs- Church tour after mass 

 October 4- Mass  at Noon with fr. Ptak  Polish Heritage- Dance School Students invited  Choir

November 1- Mass at  Noon Wtih  Fr. Medina All Saints Day-Harvest Dinner- Chicken Dinner 

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December 13th  2 pm Annual Christmas party   Queen of apostles Fr. Blaczak Hall 

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 December 24 Mass  midnight- Pasterka with Koledy sung before mass